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        Beijing Laboratory

        As Daddy’s Choice's headquarters for research and development in China, Beijing laboratory has taken the lead in combining new product development with consumer surveys. It has received thousands of people including leaders from all walks of life, maternal and child, medical, health, media and consumer groups. It is praised as a research and development vane of the industry.

        Japanese R&D Center
        The first overseas laboratory

        As Daddy’s Choice's overseas laboratory, Japanese laboratory integrated global cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements in an open manner, recruited high-tech talents, and started a special cooperation with Prof. Fujino Hideaki, a renowned medical doctor and doctoral supervisor at Kobe University in Japan. Research areas include shampoos, shower gels, animal skin irritation tests and patent licenses.

        Shandong Achievements Transformation Base
        The largest and the highest-grade within the industry

        The total area is 5,000 square meters, including the industry's highest level 100,000 aseptic testing laboratory, raw material laboratory, manual sample laboratory, and finished product testing laboratory.

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